Visual Comfort & Co.

Established in 1987 and situated in Houston, Texas, Visual Comfort is the premier American resource for signature designer lighting.

Designers Thomas O’Brien, Barbara Barry, Suzanne Kasler, and Alexa Hampton, to name a few, contribute to the collection.

Visual Comfort is constantly pursuing lighting craft with defining design innovation. Together with their Chart house and Studio Collections, under Chief Designer, and lighting legend Earle F. (Sandy) Chapman, the Visual Comfort offerings span from traditional to contemporary styles.

The range of products they proudly offer in lighting, at last count, was over 900. To give their products custom character, their “living” finishes make the difference for lighting choices that are unique in personality and collectible in appeal. Visual Comfort uses authentic and natural materials: brass, bronze, nickel, silver and chrome in antique and polished lusters; classic enamels, ceramic and porcelain; forged irons and honed woods; hand blown glass, rock crystal, alabaster, and quartz; elegant parchment papers, silks and linens.

Visual Comfort combines design and mechanics, sculpture , touch, and sight, to create a lighting product that is both inspired and useful. They employ exceptional craftsmanship and skilful engineering in every piece for a complete calibre shared with the best collectible lighting. Their difference lies in merging that level of character with efficient production, allowing them to present fine lighting at extraordinary value.