Known as a maker of impeccable artwork. Matsuoka has been called, "Flawless for more than 145 years". The family, executives and artists who embody this special company appreciate your regard for their work, and celebrate this beginning of another century and a half serving connoisseurs of fine things.

Matsuoka International is an affiliate of Matsuoka Kagu Seizo, located in Fuchu City, Hiroshima, the center of Japan’s most distinguished community of furniture artisans, designers and woodworkers. The company makes case goods in Fuchu City, and partners with exceptional craftsmen in the United States for the creation of fine upholstered goods.

The company has been in existence since 1866. Matsuoka International has a mission to serve the world community of lovers of fine things with exceptional objects for gracious living; artifacts conceived with a fresh approach to design and interior furnishing - both as an architectural discipline and as a fashion statement. Designs are meticulously engineered, constructed with care, infused with an extraordinary aesthetic sensibility.

Working with renowed designers such as Christian Lyon, Stephen Gormley, Steven G and Serge De Troyer, Matsuoka Japanese artisans craft what they term - 'Artifacts for Gracious Living'.

Matsuoka, Flawless for more than 145 years.

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