Decca Pendant



Decca Pendant

Large version shown in Bronze and Hand Rubbed Antique Brass

Also available in:
Please contact to find out color options in the specific size you require

Decca Small Pendant (VCC-TOB5745):
Overall Height: 120cm
Minimum Custom Height: 48cm
Diameter: 30cm
Canopy: 14cm

Decca Medium Pendant (VCC-RL5086):
Overall Height: 130cm
Minimum Custom Height: 58.5cm
Diameter: 40cm
Canopy: 14cm

Decca Large Pendant (VCC-RL5082):
Overall Height: 140cm
Minimum Custom Height: 69cm
Diameter: 50cm
Canopy: 14cm

Custom heights can be made, please enquire. 

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