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Our Suppliers

LAURA KINCADE’S commitment to quality, fine design and craftsmanship is evident in the brands we stock. We have selected companies that have earned a reputation as being among the best manufacturers in their field.

To read about each of our suppliers, please follow the links below:

Classic yet original, traditional yet innovative, Art Hide redefines and revolutionises cow hide. Designed in Australia and handmade in Argentina, Art Hide’s ready-made and bespoke wall coverings and installations, rugs, furniture and accessories combine exquisite, high quality materials with cutting edge ideas and techniques.

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Christopher Guy's international background helps him view the world through a critically constructive eye that draws on everything he admires to show that furnishings are about composition and symbolism...

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Original lighting designs hand-crafted in America and specified worldwide since 1940. Fine Art Lamps’ artistic heritage began in the glass making factory founded by Max Blumberg in New York in the late nineteenth century and continues to produce the very finest in lighting design to this day.

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Hickory Chair began almost a hundred years ago with a single product and a simple vision. The product was a made to order dining chair. The vision was to combine the authenticity and passion of classic craftsmanship with the efficiency and capabilities of modern manufacturing...

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In the last decade, Julian Chichester has established an enviable reputation for classically inspired, quality English furniture. Our influence has come from the great furniture designers of the 19th and 20th centuries, interpreted in a unique and contemporary way...

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Known as a maker of impeccable artwork. Matsuoka has been called, "Flawless for more than 145 years". The family, executives and artists who embody this special company appreciate your regard for their work, and celebrate this beginning of another century and a half serving connoisseurs of fine things.

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Objet Insolite is a leader in the Lighting industry for creating timeless and functional pieces of sculptural art. Their solid bronze lighting can be used in any setting from classical to contemporary and will give any décor the instant feel of simple elegance...

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More than 40 years ago, Allan Palecek began traveling the world seeking inspiration in a centuries-old tradition of basket-weaving from the indigenous peoples of Asia. Impressed with their use of quickly renewable materials like seagrass and rattan, he returned with a unique, attractive product that gained immediate attention by the home décor industry....

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For decades, entrepreneur Waverly Graham, and his designer wife, Ann, traveled the world in search of pieces to furnish their own home. They found that the graceful lines and rich texture of 18th century Venetian painted furniture held a special charm...

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Ralph Lauren is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The name is synonymous with timeless style and quality. Laura Kincade is very happy to be able to bring you their range of high end lighting, made exclusively for Ralph Lauren Home, by Visual Comfort Co.

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For over 40 years Roberto Giovannini have enjoyed world wide recognition as the best in the field of high quality furnishing. They produce an exclusive collection of wood carved models in styles of the past as well as creating contemporary pieces...

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Theodore Alexander is one of the leading manufacturers of fine reproduction 18th and 19th century furniture & accessories with a vast range of 6500 products that encompasses all styles & designs...

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Established in 1987 and situated in Houston, Texas, Visual Comfort is the premier American resource for signature designer lighting. Designers Thomas O’Brien, Barbara Barry, Suzanne Kasler, and Alexa Hampton, to name a few, contribute to the collection...

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